Monday, 26 October 2009

Drawing... May Contain Colours and Traces of Nuts

Yep. I'm still drawing away. I'm getting pretty close to doing my final character sheet now. I've know what Wilhemina is gonna look like now, and I've got a rough idea of which colours I want her to have. I used to give me a hand. I mainly played with pinks, greys and purples, but I also tried some green, navy and brown tinges. Here are the results I got when I searched for "old lady" on the site:

I'll scan and upload my colour study I did on A3 paper. I also had a quick look at a colour wheel, to see which colour should be contrasted with pinky purple colours. I think Zoo keepers generally wear uniform with green colours, so I was interested to see if that would match with Minnie's colours.

As you can see, pinky purple lies directly opposite a lovely earthy green. I'll see what Tom says, but that looks like a promising colour combination.

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